“We love Pet Coral! The staff is so caring and makes you feel like family! My rottie, Tank, loves it there and looks forward to playing with his friends. He gets so excited when I say ” you want to go play with your doggie friends?” He also loves the water spouts! After going to day care for a day, he comes home and sleeps for 2 days! haha. ( gives me a break too! :)”
-Harleen G

“I had a great experience from working my vacation out with them from Northern Va. Roxy had a great time the first day of daycare there and was totally worn out when I picked her up. I chose to board her there for one night and do daycare the next day as well, when I arrived to pick her up they had washed and dried her blanket I had left for her and checking out was a breeze. I will definitely use them again when we come back to Cape Coral for vacation. Forgot to mention the web cam is a great way to see how much fun your dog is having while you are away.”
-Deanna B

“My Panda comes home exhausted after her stay there! I love the way the staff remembers her name and friendliness.”
-Nora R

“Jack loves got to Pet Coral . The staff rocks . They care and love my boy and I know he is in goods hands and treated like one of their own. They listen to my person concerns with Jack and have shared valuable advice . I recommend Pet Coral or shall I say my boy Jack highly recommends his home away from home . Thank u staff ur more like family love u guys for loving Jack !”
-Laura D

“Great place to bring a dog for daycare. The minute my dog Rascal realizes where he is the tail starts wagging and he wants out of the car. He has a great time whenever he goes. He doesn’t even seem to mind when he is boarded when we go out of town. No question that it deserves the 5 star rating!”
-Paul O

“The staff and Dr. Price are awesome! Our boo, Hephaestian, was under their care when he was diagnosed with canine lymphoma. For over 3 months they fought like soldiers to help him. Sadly the cancer took him last June. I will always be greatful for their care and compassion. Dr. Price came to our house on Hephaestian’s last day so that he could go to Heaven in his own home with his family. It was the most respectful and serene exit he could have had. He deserved it. We miss him everyday.”
-Andrea B

“What an awesome place for my best friend to hang out! The staff is amazing and I like knowing Garmin is both looked after and cared for! Thank you guys!”
-Christopher K

“The staff at PetCoral rocks. Thank you for taking such good care of Auggie. Doggie daycare is the best for a one year old puppy. Best investment ever :)”
-Erica C