We are extremely proud of our dedicated team. We hire only the best and most experienced employees to become a part of our team here at PetCoral Resort & Veterinary. Our team is filled with highly dedicated animal lovers who are well trained at their jobs. They will do anything possible for their patients and the owners who love them.

Our team makes it their goal to treat each pet like their own. They give each pet plenty of love and attention. If you would like to speak to someone on our team, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (239) 673-8453.

Lorena Rapoport

After ten years working as a real estate agent, Mrs. Rapoport felt it was time for a change and dedicate her time to what she loves most…DOGS!

Animals have always played an integral part in her life; as a child, Lorena was introduced to the world of horse breeding and training by her father, who owned a Paso Fino Horse Ranch in Colombia. As an adult, Mrs. Rapoport moved to the USA and became a certified nutritionist and dog trainer; Lorena currently has a Pitbull named Simon, and a standard Schnauzer named Candy.
Over the years close friends and family would ask her to board their dogs for them. This might be for a day or week(s) due to business trips, school, work, etc. When the owner picked up their pet or came to visit they always asked her to write down everything that she was doing because they couldn’t believe the increased levels of energy, vitality, and health they saw in their pets. Lorena always told them “we are just taking care of your pet like one of the family”.

PetCoral began as and has continued to be a passion project for Lorena. It is her hope that one-day PetCoral Resort and Veterinary will serve as an outlet to help the homeless animals of the community. Starting with the Grand Opening, PetCoral has hosted several fundraisers to benefit local animal shelter(s) and/or organizations.

Dr. Thais Herrera

Dr. Thais Herrera, DVM has always had a true passion in her heart for helping all animals. She is well versed in canines, felines, aviary, exotics and even primates! Dr. Herrera is bilingual and licensed to practice veterinary medicine in both Florida and Cuba. She is Nationally Board Certified with memberships in APV, AALAS, AVMA, and FAALAS

Dr. Herrera is well certified in various areas including, but not limited to Tuberculin skin testing, anesthesia, pain management and dealing in situations of severe traumas or critical care.

Dr. Herrera enjoys working as a team to aid in educating support staff, along with owners on the best medical advisement to help our animal family members live happy and healthy lives. She is sensitive to each patient’s situation and believes that communication and ongoing education is advantageous to any veterinary team member and pet owner.

Dr. Herrera is dedicated to going above and beyond in being detail oriented during surgical, clinical, and client communication to ensure an atmosphere of competence and strength.
She feels, like most pet owners, that our pets are part of our family. Dr. Herrera has been a practicing veterinarian since 1996. She has been a resident of Cape Coral since 2011, along with her husband, 2 children, Basset Hound, Akita Mix, bearded dragon and bunny rabbit.

Dr. Annie Strohm

Dr. Annie Strohm is our new associate veterinarian at PetCoral!

Dr. Annie is from Mississippi and moved to Cape Coral in 2015. She has had a life-long passion for animals growing up around animals her whole life. She knew from a very early age she wanted to be a veterinarian and was always known for having a variety of animals. She has had dogs, cats, rats, other pocket pets, fish, amphibians, horses, and has even rehabbed small wildlife. Dr. Annie attended Mississippi State University for both her undergraduate degree and her Degree of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Annie has a strong interest in veterinary dentistry and veterinary surgery in addition to general veterinary medicine.

Dr. Annie’s family includes 5 dogs (Brutus, Maggie, Max, Poppy, and Stella) and 3 cats (Kiki, Caspian, and Midge). She also has 6 horses (Emma, Apollo, Gracie, Munchkin, Arya, and Dudley). Some of her personal interests include kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, running, painting, and needle felting. We are so glad to have Dr. Annie join our wonderful team!

Melanie Thurmer

Melanie is our manager at PetCoral Resort and Veterinary. Melanie came to us out of management in the banking industry, and has quickly learned that the vet and animal care industry is home for her! Melanie has a 12 year old “throwback” Pomeranian named Trelos, and has had a beautiful Shiba Inu, an energetic rescue mix, cats, a snake, fish, a parakeet, and a tarantula! She has always loved all animals, and welcomes the opportunity to spend her days with animals of all kinds, especially dogs, and of course, with people too!! For Melanie, managing the team at PetCoral is an amazing experience; every single employee here loves animals, loves their job, and is hard working. It is truly an awesome environment!


Kacey works as one of our stellar receptionists! She enjoys working and educating herself. Kacey plans on furthering her education and receiving an MBA with the hope of running her own company one day.

Zachary St. Amand

Zach is a daycare technician who is very reliable and often called on to train new employees! Zach is 18 and loves football, video games, and flying planes. Zachary hopes to attend the United States Air Force Academy this summer in the class of 2021 studying computer science and hopefully learning to fly!

Jerel Marcalle

Jerel is a young gentleman whose heart for dogs exceeds all levels. Jerel is an amateur MMA fighter that is currently making MMA a career and hopes to make it to the Pro circuit in the near future. His passion for animals is greatly appreciated and admired here at PetCoral. He is currently on board with our daycare and receptionist team and truly believes in over the top customer service. Jerel has a beautiful Husky named, Jedi!

Daniela Martinez

Daniela is a PetCoral vet tech, receptionist and reptilian entrepreneur. She shares her life with her many scaley babies and husband. Daniela began in daycare, moved to reception, and is currently working in our vet area. She is well versed in all aspects of our facility and is bilingual. Daniela recently adopted a chi-weenie who attends daycare with all her furry friends at PetCoral!

Jessica Boose

Jessica is a licensed massage therapist who joined our reception team. She has a special love for all of the dogs at our facility, but in her free time she also enjoys horse back riding. Her golden retriever Winifred spends a lot of time at our facility, and even can be found helping out at the front desk quite frequently!

Victoria Travis

Victoria also known as “Tori”. She is well versed in Boarding, Daycare and Maintenance. All of our staff feel Tori is beautiful inside and out. Tori loves pool time and always gets a kick out of watching all the Daycare Pups splashing around.

Alexis Armbright

Alexis is a daycare technician, currently, cross training as a boarding technician. Lexi truly loves every dog that visits us! Each day, Lexi’s goal is to make as many friends as she can with the dogs, and make their daycare or boarding experience at PetCoral as fun as possible!

Julian Brand

Julian is part of our amazing veterinary team. He is Colombian born and has two French Bulldogs that are always at his side. Julian has a special interest in animal dentistry and loves to make your pets teeth sparkle. Julian is bilingual and has been a huge asset to Pet Coral since 2012!


Elmer is one of our amazing daycare technicians! Elmer attends Florida Southwestern State College with the hope of earning a Bachelor’s degree. From there he plans to attend Veterinary Medicine School to become a Veterinarian! Elmer loves drawing, sneakers, and animals. His best friend is a pitbull/boxer mix named Rambo. Elmer loves Rambo very much!


Samantha is one of our daycare technicians that has recently cross-trained in reception! Sam is currently attending school at Florida Southwestern State College, majoring in Biology. She has been around animals her entire life from dogs to horses and is currently the proud owner of a Pomeranian named Bear. When Sam isn’t working she enjoys spending time with family and friends!


Brittany is one of our amazing veterinary technician’s. Brittany came to us out of management in a completely different industry with a desire to one day become a vet. After working at PetCoral, Brittany has become more interested in a career as a certified veterinary technician! She has two beautiful Catahoula rescues, both deaf, and one blind with a broken foot! Brittany loves her dogs, and loves working at PetCoral!

Stacy O’Neal

Stacy is a receptionist all-star! Her friendly and outgoing personality welcomes all clients into the practice with a smile and cheery demeanor. She excels in client communication and has a background in customer service. Stacy holds a degree in Business and is certified in dental assisting. Stacy enjoys the medical aspect of the facility and puppy kisses from the many daycare dogs that come to the facility. Stacy has been with us since 2015 and is such an important part of our team at PetCoral!


Christa is one of our cross-trained receptionists/veterinary technicians! Christa grew up in the Sanibel/Fort Myers area, moved away to Gainesville to attend UF, earning her BS degree in Animal Science. She is excited to return to this area and work in the field that she loves. Her passion is keeping animals happy and healthy!


Xavier is one of our amazing daycare technicians who came to us as an intern in our vet department! Xavier is graduating this year from Mariner High School where he has been a part of the vet tech program for all 4 years, played football for 3, and participated in track and field. He enjoys weightlifting, sports, pets, and games. Since becoming an intern, Xavier has learned more about pets and what it takes to become a veterinary technician. He is a great addition to our team!