Pet coral veterinary hospital & resort is offering walks in everyday, you can come from Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm, we will happy to assist you


If you are leaving town for a couple of days or for a two week vacation, we’ve got you covered.

Our spacious, overnight accommodations will have your dog living in the “lap” of luxury.

PetCoral Resort & Veterinary’s VIP boarding program provides safe, comfortable surroundings where our experienced staff provides expert care and 24 hour surveillance.

We provide separate facilities for our canine and feline guests.

All suites include top-of-the-line bedding, decorative walls, secure latching and sound proofing.

Of course all our training and recreation services and facilities are available to our overnight guests as well!

At PetCoral we offer:

Standard Suites rates are base on pet size.

All rates include 5 visits to the outdoor exercise yard per day and 20% discount for additional dogs from the same family staying in the same run.

PetCoral Resort Luxury Suites:

Royal Suite

Extra large luxury room, soft music, super premium bedding and daily access to our doggie daycare area and water park.

Kingdom Suite

Includes the luxury room, 2 playgroups, daily feedings, 4 relief walks, soft music, raised bedding, and daily access to our doggie daycare and water park.

Cats Resort

Cat suites are separate from dog boarding areas. All suites include bowls and bedding.

  • Single and multiple cat suites.
*Vaccine records are required prior to utilizing our services please contact us for more information.

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